Sunday, May 5, 2013

Social Media and Parenting (A Mini Rant)

Anyone else had enough of moms and their self-centered, diluted, self-serving Facebook posts, Tweets, blogs, email chains, etc? I'm not one of those infertile girls who thinks that posts about people's kids are all meant to rub salt in my wound; I understand that the world doesn't always revolve around me, but my gosh, has social media corrupted the world - parents in particular - into thinking that everyone actually cares what anyone else is doing with her life?

The photos I understand and can even tolerate as long as they're not inundating with every single event of the child's life (with all this picture taking and Facebooking, how exactly are you getting all of this "parenting" done that you so readily pat yourself on the back for via someecards and status updates?). And what is up with speaking for your newborn baby? "Sophia loves 5 Guys!" Um, Sophia has no teeth and has been sleeping in her babyseat the entire time. Or moms posting on other mom's walls "for" their kids? "Little Jack can't wait to see Moonbeam Sunflower again, he wants to know when their next play date is!" It's enough to make even the most non-jaded of us all go running off the grid and toss the cell phone, iPad, iPod and Kindle into the freaking ocean. 

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