Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shots Shots Shots

I am pretty worn out and every time I've tried to write this, it is just complete garbage but I want to keep a record of my cycle so I've got it in a log form. 

Dear Diary, 

     - 6:30am baseline bloodwork and ultrasound
     - Started week 2 Couch to 5k (C25k) program
     - Start Gonal F injections, stick the bad boy in there like a champ (Gonal F has no sting and the needle is tiny there usually is no mark and no pain

    - Big fucking last second drive win by the Pats, big fucking walk off hit win for the Sox; late fucking night
    - Gonal F

- Walk into 8am sick kids 

- 630 bloodwork
- Hear the baby of three I watch waking up with nasty cough and breathing; it's croup. Scary shit. 
- Add Menopur

- Getting sick of taking care of sick kids
-Add Ganirelix 

-Day off but had to go in for monitoring 


- Monitoring and word that I don't have to come in until my Retrieval on Wednesday!!

- Hcg Trigger 

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