Monday, September 9, 2013

I'm a Moron

For two reasons. One, I wrote an alphabet out today for the kids I watch:
Yaaa, I blame it on being Monday and having to sing the alphabet song after I wrote out each letter then prompt them for the next it's definitely the 2 year olds' faults.

 I also blame above moronic moment on being distracted by reason nĂºmero dos: sometime between last night and this morning, I absolutely convinced myself that I am pregnant. I haven't been that convinced since the one time I actually was pregnant and "just knew".  When I went to CVS after work tonight - to pick up my antibiotic for yet another UTI - I just went for it with the pregnancy test. I also convinced myself that I needed to buy the expensive EPT, because that's what I used the time an entire decade ago when I was pregnant. Totally logical. I just took the test and stared down the lines for the full two minutes, as if the vertical line was just going to magically appear over the horizontal to make a plus sign. The time I was pregnant, the plus sign was there before I even took the damn stick out of the pee. Oh to go back in time and slap the girl who took that test! When pregnancy felt like the worst possible thing that could've happened to me at the time. Now the negative has the exact same effect on me. 

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