Saturday, June 1, 2013

Now Offering: Syringe Trade-In Service

I hate to curse myself with terms like "good news" but it looks like I will be starting a round this coming week (fingers crossed, barring no surprises*). Husband got into an appointment early and I pushed, I mean I stalked my clinic to get everything in under the gun. Lo and behold, the pharmaceutical distributor - which just so happens to be located about 20 minutes away - called and asked when I wanted my meds.

The package arrived, ice cold, despite coming off a truck that I'm fairly certain came from being parked in Hades all day, this evening and I'm oddly like a kid in a candy shop, laying out my meds and taking them out of their cute boxes and carefully tucking them back in and saying goodnight. The amount of syringes though? I feel almost guilty that there are junkies, poking the same rusty needle into their eye day after day** and I have enough syringes to keep Keith Richards supplied for a few days at least. 
                    Sadly, the nail polish was not included in my package. 

    Just happened to have the perfect sized container for the non-fridged stuff. I get way too excited for stuff like that; I had to stop myself from slapping stickers all over it. 

*Why is it that, when you become an adult, surprises stop being the fun kind?

**That is how being a junky works, right?

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